Home of Goldilogs, the bold log viewer (BETA)

Please note: The Goldilogs log viewer currently available on this web site is in its BETA state, which means I consider it ALMOST feature complete (for its 1.0 version) and ALMOST stable. 

Intuitive and powerful 
real-time log viewer

  • Built for large files (gigabytes)
  • Instant view and scroll
  • Powerful text and regex search engine
  • Low memory footprint (even with large files)
  • Userdefined color highlighting
  • Follow tail on logfiles

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Goldilogs screenshot

Built for production, simple to use

Goldilogs lets you continously watch multiple log files with low impact on server CPU and Network trafic, yet offers powerful searching and navigation ability. Search as you type for fast feedback. Click search result to instantly locate line in logfile.

Goldilogs screenshot

Drag and drop interface

Drag large files directly into the Goldilogs window and view them instantly. No waiting for the logfile to load. Scroll back and forth immediately.

Rename, reorder and group

Give the logfiles an easy to recognize name, re-arrange them and group them together using simple drag and drop gestures. Collapse groups to preserve screen realestate and minimize CPU/Network usage. Supports multi level grouping.

Highlighting schemes

Build multiple highlighting schemes defining color and font properties and then assign specific schemes to each logfile.

Thumbnail view of log files

While only one logfile can be viewed full-screen at a time, the logfile list can display a thumbnail for each log revealing the highlighting applyed. Combined with ‘follow tail’ you have good overview of multiple logfiles at a time.

Goldilogs screenshot