Goldilogs Standard Edition

  • Real-time logviewing. Changes to the logfile are reflected in the view immediately.
  • Instant viewing of large files. No waiting for the whole logfile to load into memory. Only the part needed is loaded.
  • Instant scroll anywhere. Since the logview only loads the portion of the logfil needed to be displayed, scrolling is fast even for very large logfiles.
  • Great control over display. Fonttype, fontsize, linespacing, marking colors etc. are configurable.
  • Follow tail. As the logfile grows, new lines are shown and the view keeps displaying the end of the file.
  • User defined color highlighting. Setup one or more highlighting schemes to help easy identify log lines of interest.
  • Low memory footprint. As logfiles are not loaded into memory, small and large files use the same amount of memory. Depending on fontsize and windowsize, one logfile uses as little as a few KB of memory.
  • Unlimited number of logfiles. The registered versions does not impose a limit on the number of logfiles to monitor. Ressources such as CPU and memory may however.
  • Splashscreen can be disabled. But then again, who would want to do that?