Goldilogs Release Notes

1.0.3 (coming soon)

  • Add: Option to save search phrases globally and per log file.
  • Add: Remembers the 20 most recent search phrases.
  • Add: Copy/paste colors between groups.
  • Add: Scroll to bottom option in search results grid.
  • Add: Release note accessible from Updates dialog
  • Fix: Much better response for type-ahead searching.
  • Fix: Ctrl-C now works in search text entry field.
  • Fix: Splash screen can now be disabled for paid versions.
  • Fix: Made license registration more recilient to hardware changes.
  • Fix: Diverse GUI tweaks and updates.

1.0.2 (05.09.2020)

  • Fix: For some users Goldilogs didn’t ‘remember’ the license.
  • Fix: All logs now goes idle while window is minimized (saves CPU and IO).

1.0.1 (04.09.2019)

  • Fix: Type-ahead searching on large files locked keyboard input.

1.0.0 (29.01.2019)

  • Finally the release of version 1.0.0. Feature complete and stable.
  • Lots’a bugfixes.
  • Some GUI enhancements and fixes.

0.9.15 (13.05.2018)

  • Fix: Better error handling when polling service while service is restarting.
  • Fix: Changed default encoding from UTF-8 to UTF-7
  • Fix: Saves backup when saving config files (to better recover in case of corrupted config files)
  • New: Rewrote entire grouping and Drag and Drop mechanism (Groups are now created and deleted explicitly)

0.9.14 (26.02.2018)

  • Fix: Crashes when starting on empty config files.
  • New: Support for Windows Services Management:
    • Configure one Windows Service per log file (i.e. the service that generates the log file).
    • Service can be local or on a remote server (user must have admin credentials on local/remote server).
    • Start/stop service via the Log’s Context Menu
  • New: Small Settings window for a log file.
  • New: Added a little styling to Grid Splitters 🙂
  • New: Configurable default and per log encoding (NOTE: Experimental for now).

0.9.13 (29.01.2018)

  • Fix: Searching crashes (when clearing search results).

0.9.12 (28.01.2018)

  • Fix: Vertical scrollbar acting wierd.
  • Fix: Search result grid flickering when selecting search result line.
  • Fix: Clicking filter tail results sometimes locates the wrong line in the log.
  • Fix: Filter tail continues active after selecting another log.
  • New: Added zoom (use CTRL+Scroll Wheel or +, – and 0).

0.9.11 (23.01.2018)

  • Fix: Crashes if a log references a highlighting scheme, that no longer exist.
  • Fix: Crashes when using scroll wheel with no log selected.

0.9.10 (22.01.2018)

  • Fix: Crashes if log contains empty lines.
  • New: Better logging in case of crash 🙂

0.9.9 (21.01.2018)

  • New: Optimized speed – especially for files with long lines.
  • New: Rewrote Highlighting event model.
  • New: Multiple free-text search (separate with +).
  • Fix: Search panel height not read correctly from config.


  • Working towards first feature complete and stable release.