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Getting started

Downloading, installing and running the Goldilogs Log Viewer should not cause any serious problems for an experienced windows user like yourself.

When Goldilogs Log Viewer is running, add a log file using the menu, toolbar or simply by dragging the log file into the main view. It should be quite intuitive to scroll up and down in the log file. Activating tailing can be done by clicking the “Document with a down-arrow” icon next to the log file name or by pressing CTRL-T.

Log files can be arranged together in Groups (right-click somewhere in the left pane and select ‘Add group’) and groups can be nested (e.g. using drag and drop).

Create as many highlighting schemes as you need for highlighting lines based on text or RegEx match and assign individual highlighting schemes to individual log files or set a highlighting scheme as default. All this will be explained in details later in the documentation.