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Visual Studio integration

Goldilogs Log Viewer is able to identify stack trace lines in the log and make Visual Studio locate the line in the correct source file. For this to work, a Visual Studio instance must be running and have loaded the solution wherein the source file exists.

When double-clicking on a stack trace line in Goldilogs, Goldilogs is using Automation to ask any running instances of Visual Studio if it knows the source file. If an instance of Visual Studio responds positively, Goldilogs makes the Visual Studio instance open the file and move the input cursor to the correct source code line. Then Visual Studio is pushed on top of other running applications.

NOTE: If Visual Studio is running as Administrator, then Goldlogs must also run as Administrator for this to work. Unfortunately, if Goldilogs is running as Administrator, it is no longer possible to drag log files into Goldilogs from the file system. This is a security measure built into Windows and cannot be circumvented.