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Font family is the font used for displaying log file content. For best viewing result you should only select mono-spaced fonts (fonts where all letters have the same width). This helps keeping columns straight and makes the rendering faster.

The Font size is the size of the font at 100% zoom (zooming can be activated using CTRL-Scroll and keyboard shortcuts).

Line spacing is used if you want to add or remove space (in pixels) between lines of text in the log view.


Here you define the foreground and background colors used for marking special lines. Search lines are used when you click a line in the search output pane (Pro version only). User marks can be added and removed individually using keyboard shortcut M and navigated between using F8 and Shift-F8 (see keyboard shortcuts).


In this settings group it is possible to set a default Highlighting scheme and an ‘Append’ highlighting scheme.

The Default highlighting scheme is used for log files that have not already been assigned a highlighting scheme.

The Append Highlighting scheme is used to assign a highlighting scheme to be applied AFTER the assigned (or default) highlighting scheme have been applied. This may is useful if creating a highlighting scheme for log levels (DEBUG, INFO, WARN, ERROR, FATAL etc.) and assigning that as the Append highlighting scheme. Then any line in a log file that have not been color-coded using a specific highlighting scheme will be assigned a color based on the Append color scheme.

Other settings

Show splashscreen is a given. Everyone will off course leave this option on, right?

Show thumbnails turns the thumbnails, that are located to the left of the log file name in the left panel, on or off.

Automatic follow tail when checked will auto-enable follow tail when scrolling to the end of the log file using the mouse, the scroll slider or keyboard shortcuts.

Include beta versions when checking for updates is quite self-explanatory. When checked, you are informed of beta version and prompted to update when new beta version are published. If unchecked, only versions considered stable are announced.

Note: It’s only possible to update forward. If you have enabled and updated to a beta version and then uncheck this setting, next update will be to the next non-beta version. Goldilogs will not revert to latest stable version. It is however possible to manually uninstall Goldilogs and install latest stable version without losing configuration.

Config sharing using port 15000 is experimental. It’s not functioning in all scenarios, but is intended for users to share their settings (Setting, highlighting schemes and logs) with other user on the same network.